Youth Empowerment Programs

Under the Youth Empowerment programs, Charity-Gospel Missions Africa focuses so much on life-skilling programs, such as

Career Guidance, in efforts to apprehend challenges encountered by mostly disadvantaged and vulnerable children in various communities of Uganda and Africa at large, Charity-Gospel Missions Africa, found it wise to carry out career guidance programs, so as to address issues of school children dropout due to lack of proper guidance,  awareness, role models regarding education affairs which lead to poor career choices and stunted levels of motivation in schools, To attain this, charity-gospel missions Africa avails to communities, professionals from different disciplines to share about their professional work journeys, and also involving parents through sensitizing them about the available career opportunities for their children,



Welfare; Charity Gospel Missions Africa is established to be a charity whose purpose is to develop social and public welfare by undertaking activities including: Providing clothing, food, shoes, beddings, toiletries, to people who are homeless and others who cannot afford to buy such necessities. Our welfare improvement programs go an extra mile to offer free Life intellectual, communicative, manipulative, and Artistic Skills to assist young people with a physical or mental disability to be able to participate in work, by either empowering them to be self-sustaining through attaining skills in clothing sewing, metal fabrication works, baking, music, dance and drama, which skills both men and women can benefit from.